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                                                                A passion for quilting helps a Fort Walton Beach internist connect with her patients.


A soft cotton quilt graces the wall of Dr. Eleanor McCain's reception area. It combines a strikingly bright combination of red and blue squares and stripes, adding a dose of color to an otherwise traditional doctor's office. Made by the doctor herself, it's the first sample of her work you see as you move around the building.


Step through the door that leads to Eleanor's examination rooms, and more quilts line the narrow hall, as well as the exam rooms themselves. It's a gallery of sorts that has a decorating scheme with a purpose. In many ways, Eleanor contends, a quilt symbolizes the care we receive at the doctor while at the same time acting as a salve to the apprehension many of us face while there. "There's something comforting about a quilt," she says. "There's the connection to a quilt's warmth while it's wrapped around you and, for many of us, a connection to someone in the family who has made quilts. People can relate to that."




"I realized that quilting
could be a completely contemporary
expressive art form."


  Eleanor McCain

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Finding Her Medium

The connection between her creative and professional pursuits wasn't intentional, at least not at first. An internist and a Panama City native, Eleanor didn't seriously pursue quilt making until a few years after she graduated from the University of Florida College of Medicine in 1981. Yet she came from a family of artists; her grandmother was a quiltmaker, and her mother is a watercolorist and writer. "As long as I can remember, I've loved making things with my hands." But during her youth, she was an artist without a dedicated medium.

Along the way, Eleanor realized she preferred creating things she could handle, touch, even use. "I tried macramé, needlepoint, embroidery, and furniture, and I realized that at some point, I would have to settle on a form. I thought traditional quilts were nice, but they felt repetitious to me. It took a while for me to realize that I could develop my own style." That revelation came during a quilt show at the Connell Gallery in Atlanta in the early 1980s. "I realized that quilting could be a completely contemporary, expressive art form," Eleanor says. 


What she wanted was a style flush with color that draws from such influences as her mother's watercolor paintings, 20th-century abstract painter Mark Rothko, and the Florida landscape. "I will look for unusual color combinations from nature, and then I will try to figure out what makes the combinations work." While the designs of her quilts are contemporary, Eleanor's use of hand-dyed fabrics, patchwork, and stitched lines connect with more traditional schools of quilt making. "I'm really attracted to the idea of participating in a classically female, previously demeaned form of art. I'm in awe of it. For me it references more of the history and the women who have done this for years and years. It is their form."

Functional Art

"Patients love the quilts," Eleanor says. "They like having reference points." She notes that many come in and talk about the quilts they or their family members made, and Eleanor gladly displays those too.."Patients bring in an old family pieces that they really admire, and I have them make a tag for it that tells who made it and where it's from. And some even bring in quilts they have made. We're shifting things around all the time, so patients actually have something to look forward to when they visit. We think it makes the office more friendly and receiving."

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Reprinted with permission


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                                         Jurors:  Charlene Burningham, Barbara Otto, and Ann Rucker

                           Bradiggins Arts & Crafts Gallery,” 2nd Annual Invitational Textile Art Exhibit”, Hillsborough, NC

                           Alegre Retreat, “Art Quilt Show VII-Professional Division, Santa Fe, NM  Curator: Katie Pasquini Masopust

                           Aullwood Audubon Center, “The Good Earth”; 8th Annual Art Quilt Exhibit, Dayton, OH.

                                          Award: “Best in Show”, Juror: Susan Shie

                           Greater Denton Arts Council, “Materials Hard & Soft”, Denton, TX  Award: “Honorable Mention”,

                                          Juror: Mark Richard Leach

1999                  Quilt National, Dairy Barn Cultural Arts Center, Athens, OH  Jurors: Nancy Crow, Caryl Bryer Fallert, Bruce Pepich

                            Greater Denton Arts Council, “Materials Hard & Soft”, Denton, TX  Juror: Michael W. Monroe

                            Silvermine Guild Arts Center, “USA Craft Today ;1999 Third Juried Biennial”, New Canaan, CT

                                          Juror: Dr. Jeremy Adamson, Senior Curator, Renwick Gallery of the National Museum of American Art -                                                          Smithsonian Institution

                            46th Florida Craftsmen Exhibition, LeMoyne Art Foundation, Tallahassee, FL  Juror: Martha Connell

                            Florida State University Museum of Fine Arts, “Combined Talents”; Florida National 1999, Tallahassee, FL.

                                          Jurors: Kabuya Bowens, Davina Grunstein, and Hugh Popcock

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                            Arts and Design Society of Fort Walton Beach, “Women’s Work, Quilts by Eleanor McCain, Watercolors by

                                           Roxie  Wilson”, Fort Walton Beach, FL.

                            Yeiser Art Center, ”Fantastic Fibers”, Paducah, KY  Juror: Dan Carver


1998                  Textile Arts Center, “Fiber 98”, Chicago, IL  Juror: Gillian Moss

                            Nordic Heritage Museum, “Muse of the Millennium”, Seattle, WA.   Juror: Lloyd Herman

                            Gallery of Art, “Solo Exhibition”; Panama City, FL

                            Arts Iowa City Art Center and Gallery, ”Paper Fiber XXI”, Iowa City, IA.  Juror: Mary Anne Jordan.  Honorable                                                               Mention

                            Museum of American Folk Art, ”Edge to Edge”; Selections from Studio Art Quilt Associates, New York City 

                                            Curator: Stacy C. Hollander


1997                   Arts Iowa City Art Center and Gallery, “Paper Fiber XX 1997”, Iowa City, IA.  Juror: Dorothy Fields

                             Columbus Cultural Arts Center, “Invitational 97”  Invitational Juror:  Nancy Crow

                             American Museum of Quilts and Textiles, “Dwellings”, San Jose, CA.

                                             Jurors:  Kathleen Sharp, Nancy Halpern, Mark Cavagrero


2014            Museum of Geometric & MADI Art, “Patterns and Process”, “Quilts: the New Geometry” show   opening, Dallas, TX.

                      Opening lecture, Ruth Funk Center for Textile Art, Melbourne, FL


2013            Opening lecture, Delta State University, "Oil Stains", Cleveland, MS


2010            Juror, “Quilt National 2011”,


2008            Artists Lecture, “Variations Squared”, Show Opening, San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles,        San Jose, CA.


2007            Participating Artist, Florida Craftsmen, “Passionate About Craft” Collectors’ Series, Volume I.

                      Artist’s Lecture, “Pattern and Process”, Show Opening, The Galleries at OWC, Niceville, FL.

                      Panel Participant, “Tradition & Trajectories: Education and the Quilt Maker”, International Quilt

                                 Study Center, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, NE.

                      Artist’s Lecture, “Contemporary Quilts” Show Opening, Rutledge Gallery, Winthrop University,  Rock Hill, SC.


2003            Guest Speaker. Mint Museum of Craft + Design, Charlotte, NC, Visiting Artist Series.

                      Guest Speaker. Pensacola Museum of Art.

                      Guest Speaker: “Century Art Quilt 2000”, The Phipps Center for the Arts.


2002             Guest Speaker: “Textile Arts Alliance”, Santa Fe, NM.


2002-2004  Florida Craftsmen Board of Directors


2001            Co-curator, “Ground Cover: Contemporary Quilts”, Okaloosa-Walton Community College,  Art  Center Galleries.



Carnegie Center for Art & History, “2008 Form, not Function”, New Albany, IN.
Award: 9 Patch Color Study 5, Louisville area Fiber & Textile Artists’ Award of Excellence.

Juror: Jane Burch Cochran

Wayne Art Center, “CraftForms 2007”, Wayne, PA.
Award: 9 Patch Color Study 3, Gold Award.

Juror: Mark Richard Leach

2007 Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts, “Crafts National 40”, State College, PA.
Award: Canyon Study 1, Award for Merit.

Juror: Mark Richard Leach.


2005 Schweinfurth Memorial Art Center, “Quilts=Art=Quilts”, Auburn, NY:

Award: Best of Show

Jurors: Paula Nadelstern and Jeannette Denicolise Meyer

2004 19th Annual Greater Midwest International Exhibition, CMSU Art Center Gallery, Warrensburg, MO

Award: “Juror’s Award”

Juror: Douglass Freed

2003 Lancaster Museum of Art, “Crafts National 2003”, Lancaster, PA

Award: “Juror’s Award”

Juror: Holly Hotchner


2003 Arts Council of SE  Missouri, “Girardot National Juried Exhibition”, Cape Girardeau, MO

Award: “Second in Show”

Juror: Barbara Thompson

2002 The Whistler House Museum of Art, “Art Quilts at the Whistler”, Lowell, MA

Award: “Juror’s Award” 

Jurors: Sandra Townsend Donabed, Eleni Zohdi, Robyn Daniel

2001 Eleanor Bliss Center for the Arts at the Depot, “Fine Craft 2001, Steamboat Springs, CO

Award: “Second in Show”

Juror: Donna Banning


48th Florida Craftsmen Exhibition, Ft. Meyers, FL

Award: “Merit in Fiber”

Juror: Carolyn A. Hecker

2000 47th Florida Craftsmen Exhibition, St. Petersburg, FL

Award: “Best in Show”

Juror: Mark Richard Leach


2000 Greater Denton Arts Council, “Materials Hard & Soft”, Denton, TX

Award: “Honorable Mention”

Juror: Mark Richard Leach


2000 Aullwood Audubon Center, “The Good Earth”; 8th Annual Art Quilt Exhibit,

 Award: “Best in Show”, Dayton, OH.

Juror: Susan Shie

1998 Arts Iowa City Art Center and Gallery, “Paper Fiber XXI”, Iowa City, IA

Award: Honorable Mention

Juror: Mary Anne Jordan